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Casa Lucia

Cookery School

A world of Italian food  just waiting to be discovered.........


Fresh, local ingredients


Wonderful flavours


Discover us, discover yourself

Whatever your level of experience or confidence, Casa Lucia will provide you with a unique opportunity to get close to the source of local ingredients and expertise. 


Casa Lucia offers you the chance to roll your sleeves up and learn everything from pasta making to  bread baking, as well as trickier seasonal recipes like wild boar with chocolate sauce, local pork boned and rolled with sausages and pecorino in a white wine sauce, traditional risottos and a range of Italian desserts and semi-freddos.  Italian sweets can be anything from simple fruits, granitas and ice-creams, to much more challenging cake and fruit combination recipes.


A favourite at Casa Lucia is crumble cake with lemon ricotta and cherries – originally found a bit further north in Italy, but now popular in Le Marche as it makes use of both local lemons and cherries in season - and not just tasty, it's gluten free too!


Did you know that pasta also features in dessert recipes?  How does fried ravioli with walnuts and dates sound?  Or just glorious fried light and fluffy pasta drenched in icing sugar?  If that all sounds a bit calorie laden, we’ll make sure we include some lighter options like whipped ricotta with berry compote and a hint of grappa or mixed melon boats with a light glaze – beautifully refreshing!

My name is Lucy Hayward and Casa Lucia is my dream come true.  My biggest passion in life is cooking and my second biggest passion is sharing my love of food and recipes with others!  I am an experienced cook with professional training in lots of different cookery styles and cultures - but Italian food has always been closest to my heart!


The cookery school offers seasonal courses and also features local chefs and artisan suppliers, (think hand-made sausages and cured meats, cheese makers, wine producers at boutique vineyards and you get the picture). Working alongside me is my husband Mike, who is a brilliant washer-upper and tour driver!! If you would like to bring a group to experience Casa Lucia first-hand, just contact me on


Have a look at my page 'A TYPICAL WEEK' to get an idea of what's included in the price - we think you'll be amazed!!!!



Simple food, but special creations.  We love working with the finest quality, local ingredients to produce stunning meals.  The food will reflect the changing seasons and we'll share local recipes and knowledge so you can go home with new ideas to enhance and expand your repetoire.



Casa Lucia specialises in group holidays which are tailor-made to your preferences and interests. Minimum group size is 6 adults and a maximum of 10. Casa Lucia isn't really suitable for younger children, but if you're a family group with Teens who are interested in food that's absolutely fine!  



​A simple and easy bank transfer to a UK bank account - contact us for more details.


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