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Plan your own special holiday at a time to suit you!!!

Basically - come whenever you want!!! We will always be able to create an experience just for you. 


Le Marche changes noticeably with the seasons. From the glorious snow-capped Sibillini Mountains in the Winter, coupled with bright blue, endless skies or mystical floating fogs hanging across the valleys.


Spring sees the bare, silvery olive branches starting to sprout in shades of green and grey, along with countless rows of grape vines changing from stark black to leafy green.








By summer, the vines are laden with grapes and the heady notes of the wine to come fill the air. It's hot, no doubt about it and the lightness of our food and wine will reflect that. 










Autumn often brings balmy and hot sunny days, with lavender wafting in the air and the activity of grape and olive harvests all around.


We want you to have the holiday that suits YOU, so have decided to tailor-make packages that will be just for you and your guests - and just where you want them to be. Check out the details on our ROAMING EXPERIENCE and our GROUPS WEEK pages to see more details and ideas of prices. Whatever the time of year, Le Marche and Casa Lucia can offer you a unique experience.