My name is Lucy Hayward and Casa Lucia is my dream come true!  My biggest passion in life is cooking and my second biggest passion is sharing my love of food and recipes with others!  I am a cook with many years of experience and profressional training in lots of different cookery styles - but Italian food has always been closest to my heart!


The cookery school offers seasonal courses and also features local chefs and speciality artisan cooks alongside me and my husband Mike, who is a brilliant washer-upper and tour driver!!!

Although the English translation is ‘The Marshes’, the landscape is far from soggy and ranges from the Adriatic Sea in the East to the Sibillini Mountains and Apennines. Le Marche is a beautiful mixture of beaches, rolling hillsides covered with vines and olives and dramatic mountain scenery.


The focus will very much be on food and cooking, but there will be an opportunity to visit some local places of interest - usually with a food or drink theme and see how local produce like olives, cheese, pasta and meat make it from farm to kitchen.  All our outings are included in the price you pay - so no hidden extras to worry about.