End of Week 1!!

I think I have just experienced what is known as a 'steep learning curve' this week. Now, I know it's a very over-used phrase, but in my case it is most definitely true. One week ago, I knew NOTHING about creating web sites, optimising search engines or how to ensure my website gets found after I have slogged for hours to create it.

And now, well, I don't think I'm really a whole lot wiser, but I have been doing all sorts of 'webby' things for the very first time.

Before you bombard me with email, (enquiries.casalucia@yahoo.com if you really want to), to tell me that you have searched but haven't found, or that no amount of Googling has yielded my website, I will tell you something else I have learnt this week................in this instant, I want it now, and I mean now, internet age, it takes TIME. Time to get published, time for the crawler apps used by search engines to find you, categorise you and refer to you and more than that, it can take UP TO THREE, (YES, THREE) MONTHS before your website is truly out there!!!!

In my innocent optimism and enthusiasm, I sort of assumed, (never do that, it makes an ass out of 'u' and 'me'), sorry, I know, I know......that by now my first three courses would be fully booked and it would only be a matter of time before I had a full Christmas House Party..... Of course, that was the dream, the reality is a little different. I have had LOTS and LOTS of encouraging messages from friends and acquaintances, some of whom I haven't heard from in years and years. I've even had a phone call from a lovely friend in the States who I first met on an Italian Cookery Course! That in itself is encouraging, it shows that at least some of my communication efforts are being seen.

So, if you fancy a week of cooking in Italy, in stunning surroundings and with lots of local experts available to enrich your learning experience, don't hesitate. Go to casalucia.org and sign up or send me an email or any other sort of message and we'll get the ball rolling.

Below, are some pictures of the beautiful Villa Le Vigne and the surrounding countryside, I hope it whets your appetite.

Happy Weekend one and all.

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