You could be sitting here soon!

I have to admit, the weather has been a bit of a mixed bag here in Le Marche lately. One moment it's warm enough to sit outside and enjoy a little glass of something, the next a cold wind sweeps in across the valley and it's back inside to make some warming soup from roasted fennel and cauliflower, (finocchio arrosto e cavolfiore). Delicious with some home made ciabatta. Yes, I have been recipe testing again! Trying to stay with what's in season and bountiful at the market

pushes me to find new combinations and new flavour pairings. Cauliflower and stilton was always a winter favourite in England, but matching cauliflower with the deep aniseed flavours of roasted fennel is sublime. Thanks to my friend Anne for alerting me to it!

Another thing, there seem to be two different types of cauliflower here, the 'usual' creamy headed type that most of us are familiar with, but also a version that comes in a bold green colour. Flavour wise, they are pretty similar, but I used the green version for Sunday lunch a couple of weeks ago and roasted it with a hint of cumin and then dressed it with a home-made yoghurt, (kefir - shared by another friend and topped up with fresh milk, which feeds the live starter I was given). Along with some very lightly pickled red onions it won positive comments from everyone!

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