Friday night is friend's night at Casa Lucia!

This has to be one of the busiest weekends since we've been in Le Marche. First, a dinner for friends which turned out to be better than even I expected thanks to some of the tastiest 'cime de rape', (that's turnip tops in English - somehow, not quite so glamorous) I have ever had! Combined with salmon and an asparagus and caper sauce, it set the right note for the evening! Empty plates........that's what I like to see.

Then it was on to a hearty pork and fagioli bean casserole - a great idea, when earlier in the week I was complaining about how cold it was. Of course, by the time it got to Friday and the ingredients had been bought, the weather was more suited to cocktails under the loggia than stew around the fire!!!! Still, we did our best.

Two luscious desserts, a gluten free lemon ricotta torte, (with home-ground almonds instead of regular flour) and a deep and rich chocolate mousse, courtesy of old employer Jamie Oliver, (I have been in the same room, but I couldn't claim that he knows me well)!! Still the sumptuous 80% chocolate and coffee bean bars I used delivered a fantastic flavour and with Amaretto both in and outside of the recipe, what's not to like?

If any of these recipes are making your mouth water, why not come and join me at Casa Lucia in April or early May........I am so very thrilled to announce that the late May course is almost fully booked. So shout soon if you want to join us. Very special rates still avaialble.

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