What are YOU doing between 14 - 21st May this year?

You could be in Italy, you could be enjoying a great holiday that combines your love of food with local trips, meals out and artisan ingredients. How? Simple. Just contact me at enquiries.casalucia@ymail.com or via Facebook and see what fabulous deals you can still get for our course between 14-21 May.

And flights are still great value to Ancona with Ryanair!

Lamb is always delicious and never more so than in late Spring. The Italians love lamb, particularly slow cooked, which is a great way to prepare lamb shanks with freshly picked mint turned into a version of gremolata to sprinkle over the top. Combine that with new potatoes and recently picked green beans and peas and it's a winner to be sure!

Just think. It could be you!

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