Happy Easter from Casa Lucia!!!

Easter Sunday dawned bright and warm here in Le Marche - perfect for a glass of something outside in the sunshine before settling down to a festive lunch!!!!

I know lamb is traditional, but one of our guests is not a red meat fan, so I decided on chicken.....well, three chickens actually. I love the combination of chicken and citrus and used beautiful, juicy local lemons, (literally a gift from next door's garden) and mandarins to add flavour and contribute to a rich, tasty gravy!

And to follow? Chocolate of course! A rich chocolate cake inspired by a Nigel Slater recipe and then Cornflake cakes, little eggs and pride of place - Easter Chickens, Lidl style! I'm a big fan of Lidl's chocolate and this was no disappointment.

I hope you have had a restful and happy time as well.

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