Anyone for Monk's Beard??

I enjoy trying new foods and flavours, and I have to admit, I wasn’t familiar with Monk’s Beard, or Barba dei frati as it’s known here in Italy. But thanks to a kind friend, I got to try some! It was suggested that a light steam or plunge in boiling water, finished with a swish of olive oil and lemon juice would be just the ticket, but I ended up serving mine with a lick of butter and some sea salt. Truly scrumptious and a great partner for new carrots and green beans. I liked it so much, I'm going to be serving it again tonight with a home-made fish pie, (it is Friday, after all).

Better still, the Monk’s Beard came with roots, which have been transplanted into one of my herb planters, fingers crossed that they will take root and I can enjoy them again!

Of course, the vegetable only bears a passing resemblance to a real monk’s beard, as you can see from the picture below. I wonder who chooses these names and how they come to be used? Answers on a post-card please!

If you fancy trying fresh, local ingredients yourself and incorporating them in to fantastic recipes, it’s not too late to join us between us May 14th and May 21st here at Casa Lucia. It’s just 6 short weeks away and I’m willing to offer an incredible last minute rate if you want to book. Just get in touch via the website or drop us a line on

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