Looking on the bright side...........

This weekend, I was hoping to run the first ever course at Casa Lucia. It seems it's not to be. To be honest, I think it was always overly ambitious to expect to fill a week so close after Easter and at such short notice, especially as the pressure of life means that we usually book holidays well in advance. Still, I live and learn.

The good news is that I am now free to attend a local bread-making course. I have been making my own bread for years, but this course focuses on a completely organic approach to bread making, using 'mother yeast', which apparently grows naturally from yeasts present in the air. I will learn more and report back next week!!

In the meantime, I am still hoping that I will get a few more folk interested for the course on May 14-21, I have had some positive response to my 'last minute' offers and have just updated the website to reflect a very special price. Please don't hesitate to give me a shout if you are interested.

Not only that, after the heat of the summer, courses will resume in September - on 10th to be precise so why not think about treating yourself to an autumn break? September in Le Marche was incredibly warm last year, in fact, we were swimming well into October. Another reason to take advantage of the wonderful itinerary is the abundance of fruits at that time of year, and it's also heading into Wine and Olive season - both of which will be incorporated into the courses as ripeness allows!!

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