Where on earth is the time going?

The time is fast approaching for the first cookery school at Casa Lucia. As a new business owner, I am learning all the time and it’s interesting, (though maybe not surprising) that things haven’t worked out quite as I thought they would.

The May 14th course will be running, but populated by people I have met locally, or the friends they in turn know. That’s a great opportunity for me to get good feedback about how they view our activities in an area they are relatively familiar with and what adjustments I need to make before the May 28th course which is being attended by people from the UK and Australia – very international!!!!!

We had an unexpected few days away and decided that it would be fine, (indeed beneficial) to leave the builders with access to the house for work on a new bathroom. I expect you can guess what’s coming next……..the work did not proceed as planned and instead of returning to a finished job, we returned to thick layers of dust all over the house. After an eight hour drive, it wasn’t ideal.

On the upside, two friends who suspected we may be shattered kindly offered to cook us dinner – so we were able to leave the dust behind and face it the next day after a good night’s sleep. Fran and Bob are absolute stars and I am thrilled that Fran is going to be joining us at the cookery school to lead sessions on desserts and pizza making!!!!

In the meantime, we were treated to Mexican chicken and lavender panna cotta – just delicious!

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