Reflections on a week.....

Well, I’m thrilled to report that we’ve just had another successful week’s course at Casa Lucia. Everyone had a great time and we tried hard to tailor-make the course to our guest’s interests by including more than the average number of winery visits, (we managed an impressive 4 in the space of 6 days, plus the opportunity to sample an even wider range of varieties at some lovely local restaurants and cantinas), as well as creating delicious food that was gluten, dairy and soy free!

Oh, and we did some cooking too!

Everything is lush and green in Le Marche at the moment. So lush in fact that our pizza evening took place mostly inside…with the exception of the wonderful Bob & Mike, who stoically got drenched in order that the rest of us could sample the effects of a ‘proper’ wood oven on our hand-made pizza creations! It just wouldn’t have been the same using the oven in the kitchen…..really, it wouldn’t.

There were some differences at Casa Lucia this time around. In fact, we weren’t AT Casa Lucia at all. Forced to seek an alternative venue because of earthquake damage, we were lucky enough to be located at the beautiful Country House Colle Rovere…just outside the little hilltop town of Sant’Angelo in Pontano. A stunning setting surrounded by gardens with a (very cold) swimming pool. A number of our intrepid guests ventured into the somewhat chilly water, but I have to admit, I limited my pool activity to dangling my feet in it on one of the warmer days!

Check out my Facebook page for more details and photos of what we got up to. Or get in touch to book yourself a group package. Go on, you know you want to…….

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