Can't believe it's November!

Where has 2017 gone? I realise it's not fully over, but the olive picking is almost done here in Le Marche, (we got together with some friends to help them bring their black & green olives in and take them to the press, see some pictures below) and of course, new harvest means new oil! A huge relief for all the farmers as there was no new oil at all last year because all the trees were blighted and there were no olives to pick. Depending on the type and size of olives, the first pressed 'extra virgin' oil can be any colour from gold to a deep green.....ours is a glorious vibrant green with a distinct peppery taste, which we'll be using to enhance winter salads and other dishes. It's most definitely NOT for cooking with.

There's a definite feel of approaching winter.....there's even some snow already on the mountain tops visible from the village. Bonfire smoke drifts lazily across the valleys, burning those olive cuttings and garden debris ready to lock-down until the Spring. The weather is still glorious.......gorgeous sunny days with clear blue skies, but recent rains give a definite chill in the early mornings and as the sun goes down.

Casa Lucia has been somewhat quiet this year......with just a couple of groups visiting - but we are very much open for business and want to welcome you and your group here to discover Le Marche, the wonderful food and even more wonderful people with a holiday made just for you. So, please do get in touch. You can contact us via the website at or look for us on Facebook.

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