Five go 'roaming' in Offida

In the last post, I introduced our new plans to offer 'roaming' cookery lessons......and we completed the first 'proper' one, (we had a couple of practices first) recently in the glorious Marche town of Offida.......with co-host Francesco from Casale delle Rondini in Tolentino we started with a visit to the local market for some fresh fruit, veggies and cheese and then created wonderful focaccia, ravioli filled with butternut and ricotta, melanzane parmigiana, a fennel and orange salad and delicious lavender panna cotta and cantuccini. All in around 6 hours!!! Check out the pics below for a flavour of what we were doing.

If you're in Le Marche, you could do the same!!!! Just contact me at to discuss what you have in mind!

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