What to expect at Casa Lucia

Generally, there will be a cookery session each day, (apart from arrival and departure days), as well as a chance to explore the local region.  And there's only one price to pay - the cost for the week* includes airport transfers from Ancona, (other collection points are also a possibility, ask us for details), full board, all cookery lessons and ingredients, all the trips we take, meals out when we're not cooking and local wines at the villa. It really is exceptional value for money. We also know you want some time to chill and enjoy yourself, so we'll build that in too.
We promise our classes will always be small and tailored towards you.  With a maximum of 10 students at any time, sessions will be informal and informative – with a focus on learning new recipes, as well as twists on old ones.  We want it to be fun, as well as a great opportunity to learn and share information.  We’ll introduce you to local artisans and their techniques and provide an opportunity to try them out back at the cookery school.

The cookery sessions will be led by experienced cooks and/or local specialists and we’ll be on hand to answer any questions or queries throughout your stay.  We’ll also make sure you get copies of all the recipes and you’ll have a souvenir apron to take home.  Depending on the day and the other activities we have planned, you’ll make either lunch or dinner from scratch and enjoy the fruits of your labour afterwards around a large table with the whole class participating.


When it comes to ingredients, at Casa Lucia there’s everything from our own olive oil, (from trees in the adjacent field) to some of the finest olives you will ever taste, as well as fabulous wines and artisan cheeses.  The unique location of Le Marche means that seafood is fresh, meat is sourced from no more than a few kilometres away and seasonal goodies like truffles, venison and wild boar are all part of our local fare. 


Whether you are an experienced cook or a first-time ‘food explorer’ you will discover the true taste of Le Marche and take home some fabulous recipes and ingredients to widen your cooking repertoire.  We just know you will leave longing for more.


We also know that lots of people have dietary restrictions and we can adapt our recipes to be gluten free, as well as accommodating other requirements.  Just mention it when booking.

* It may be possible to arrange shorter stays.......please ask!!!!