What to expect from a Casa Lucia 'roaming' experience

In response to changing trends in travel and the challenges we have all been facing in the last couple of years, we have decided to offer a more flexible 'roaming' cookery 'food and wine experience'.
Our goal is to give you the holiday you want - whether it's a fully inclusive stay at a beautiful villa or simply us turning up with an agreed lunch or dinner menu for you and your guests, while you enjoy the pool or other activities.
Or, if you prefer the idea of learning to cook like a local, we'll happily bring the lessons to you - book for an 'at YOUR house' session, where we bring all the ingredients, all the equipment and the know how for you to make pasta, craft and knead bread and learn some new starter, main course and dessert recipes to enjoy on the day and also to wow your friends with when you get back home!
We can combine in-house sessions with trips to local restaurants or agriturismos and depending on the time of year, activities like cheese making, lavender harvest, olive oil harvest or grape picking.
When it comes to ingredients, at Casa Lucia there’s everything from our own olive oil and some of the finest olives you will ever taste, as well as fabulous wines and artisan cheeses.  The unique location of Le Marche means that seafood is fresh, meat is sourced from no more than a few kilometres away and seasonal goodies like truffles, venison and wild boar are all part of our local fare. 


Whether you are an experienced cook or a first-time ‘food explorer’ you will discover the true taste of Le Marche and take home some fabulous recipes and ingredients to widen your cooking repertoire.  We just know you will leave longing for more.


We also know that lots of people have dietary restrictions and we can adapt our recipes to be gluten free, as well as accommodating other requirements. We promise to work with you to design and deliver the days you want, where you want them! 

'In YOUR house' lessons start from 150 Euros per person for a minimum of 4 people or our 'we cook for you' lunches or dinners start at 100 Euros per head and include local wine and all ingredients and prep, (and the washing up too)!